Friuli Venezia Giulia is a northeast Italian region bordering Austria, Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea. It’s home to the sharp-peaked Dolomite Mountains and vineyards producing white wines.

Wine producer, Robert Princic tells the story. The year 1997 was a remarkable year for us. In 1997, not only did I start working side by side with my father, Isidoro, but I also named our
winery Gradis’ciutta.

Mine was more of a “formal” entry, as I was basically born among our vineyards. Since I got on my own two feet, my parents made sure I spent time in the vines during every harvest. Nature was the very first schooling I received, and just like a good mother, she taught me a lot. Years have passed and today when I stand in my vineyards, she still reminds me of how much I have to learn, and to always respect and take care of her.

Today, thanks to the work of the entire family, we have reached 20 hectares of vines out of a total of 30 hectares, parts of which are in the communes of Gorizia, Capriva del Friuli and Dolegna del Collio.