Feudo Luparello Società Agricola Srl

Via Aldo Moro 86 – 96018 Pachino (SR)

The history of the winery

Feudo Luparello can trace its roots to the far off lands of southern Italy, where the ancient farming tradition encountered and joined with the passion of an illustrious and noble local family.

By virtue of the wisdom and the steadfastness of the lineage, whose origins go back a very long way, dynasty after dynasty the vineyards have been placed in the care of growers who have been able to tend and nurture the noble grapes right up to the present day, honouring the family name.

The territory

“The Val Di Noto” An area with an incomparable food and wine heritage, the south-east of Sicily is distinguished by a strong wine growing tradition, influenced by unique climatic conditions and a series of aromas and flavours that make it especially sought after. This place, where taste blends with the sense of smell, serves up an ecstasy of sensations that captivate visitors to the Val di Noto, a charming destination and the cradle of traditions, culture and folklore