Contrada Zingariello 70024, Gravina in Puglia (BA)
(Made with organic Grapes)


We are located in the Alta Murgia Plateau area, the stone heart of the Apulia region, best described by the careful words of German historian and medievalist Ferdinando Gregorovius.
This region features a spectacular succession of rocky ridges, rolling hills, karst cavities, dolines and sinkholes, steep escarpments, woods and vast natural pastures, and bears witness to the perpetual mingling of Nature and man.

In particular, the Murgia Plateau is an area rich in karst formations, as well as in more recent rock formations, such as tuffs and clay bags, sands, and earthy and pebbly alluvial deposits, dating back to the last geological era, which mixed with humus and red earth to make the soil perfect for cultivation.

It is a naturalistic treasure that, in 1998, was endowed with the most important and deserved recognition, the establishment of the Alta Murgia National Park.
In the Murgia area, Gravina in Puglia is the town that boasts the oldest winemaking tradition, as attested by its historic motto Grana dat et Vina. COLLI DELLA MURGIA stands here, nestled between the protected natural area of Bosco Difesa Grande and the Bradano valley

Surrounded by the boundless natural heritage of the Murgia Plateau, we couldn’t help but designing our winery keeping in mind the land around us.

Architecturally inspired by the De Laurentis plant, which, with its splendid cross vaults, has been standing alone on a hill in nearby Santeramo since the end of the nineteenth century, our winery reflects the desire to preserve a certain harmony between design and landscape.

The use of native materials, such as tuff and mazzaro limestone, has made it possible to give life to a project in full harmony with the evocative force of nature, integrating the building with its surrounding environment.

The result is a cellar that is also a real habitat perfectly balanced with our extraordinary landscape.

We cultivate our vineyards with the utmost respect of environmental biodiversity: it is a philosophy that has accompanied us from day one and earned us Organic Certification in 1996, one of the first awarded to wineries in the Apulia region.

Since then, we have been faithful to our dual mission: to safeguard the health of consumers by producing healthier wines, and of our land, by rediscovering and enhancing native grape varieties.