The Catabbo company was born in 1990, when Vincenzo Catabbo succeeded by realizing his dream of dedicating himself to viticulture and the production of wine.

In this way, with passion and innovated knowledge he started planting vines, all in rigorous rows. In the year 2004, thanks to the predisposition of his three children, Sara, Carla and Pasquale, he decided to make a change to his company by creating a modern cellar for wine making of his own grapes, taking great care in valuing especially the quality of the wine produced.

In this project a particular role is given to the re-discovery and the wine making process of the native grape “Tintilia”.

Thanks to the care of the vines, situated on land that is particularly suitable and to the use of modern techniques of wine making, today Cantina Catabbo is proud of being recognised in numerous national and foreign markets.