(The vineyards are ducted in biological agricolture, fertilized with winter green manure, pruned in falling moon)

The farm D’Onghia is in the territory of Mottola. Strategic point for trade between the Ionian and the Adriatic side, between the Salento and the high Murgia, Mottola is land of ravines and rupestrian villages, surrounded by the typical Mediterranean vegetation, a few kilometers from the Gulf of Taranto.

Petracavallo Winery produce a natural and handcrafted wine, expression of the territory in which it develops, treating the earth and the vineyard with the utmost respect, following the grape in the various stages of its transformation from a raw material to a drink bottled and ready to be consumed, with its own story to savor and enjoy. All wine are made from grapes grown in vineyards with traditional methods, not treated with pesticides, with spontaneous fermentation without adding yeast to other grapes, with a low quantity of sulfur dioxide and without enzymes or additives It is mostly a work philosophy of the winemaker who, according to the territory, the climate and the seasons, follows its wine thanks to the experience and the handcraft skills, with no additives or invasive processes.