VINEYARDS LOCATION: C/da Pispisia – Marsala – Sicily- Italy

(Natural Artisanal Wine made with old style methods))

The company was founded in the 90s when Antonino inherited a small estate. Thus he began to plant vineyards and to do experiments on varieties producing wine for family consumption and giving most of the remaining grapes to wineries of the territory of Marsala. The passion for the art of viticulture and winemaking techniques, the simplicity and genuineness of the methods by which Antonino produces wine for himself and friends and, not least, respect for what soon became a family tradition carried by the younger son, Fabio, that followed the same steps of his father. Following the university degree in Enology and refining his knowledge in Australia, Fabio Ferracane became a Technical Director of the company in 2011 starting to make wine, bottle and marketing the wine produced from the vineyards of the family under the watchful eyes and reassuring of the “Fairy of Bacchus”, the elegant corporate logo.