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Vintage: 2019

Grapes: 60% Malvasia, 40%Falanghina

Production: 400 bottles. Vassallo is a wine made as it once was: manual harvesting and destemming, manual pressing (children with their feet) and spontaneous fermentation in amphora 350lt, maceration on the skins for 3 days and spontaneous fermentation with only native yeasts, without the use of chemical additives and oenological agents, with the exception of a small amount of sulphites being bottled. Very young wine and just ready, Vassallo by the glass is straw yellow but still rather cloudy. However, it has its own well-defined character because it is affected by the processing: it retains the tannins of the skin and, in addition to the fruity and floral aromas, hints of amphora’s cocciopesto emerge. A wine to drink calmly, it needs several tastings to be understood.


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