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Vintage: 2017

Grapes: Trebbiano 65%, Passerina 10%, Malvasia di Candia 15%, Fiano 10%

Aging: Steel

Filtration: No

Clarification: No

SO2addition: No

Addition of any kind: No

Fermentation: Spontaneus

Annual production: 1500 bottles

A pragmatic and introspective wine combination of four white-berry vines, Trebbiano, Passerina, Fiano and Malvasia di Candia giving us “Alto Mare”. In the glass it immediately shows a high consistency of transparent straw- yellow in colour, loaded with warm, ripe tones of a wine that immediately promises to seduce the palate. Complex wine with good intensity, slowly revealing all the characteristics fusing together the different vines that that compose it. Bouquets of yellow fruit and wild flowers voluptuously intertwined. Aromas of dried candied citrus fruits and apricots. A surprisingly sophisticated taste evolved and softly balanced with sapid acid rhythmical returns. There are hints of ripe fruit, consistent with the olfactory aspect.

The spontaneous fermentation takes place in steel underneath the careful supervision of the winemaker without the addition of yeasts and sulphites. The wine is not clarified and is unfiltered. It rests in the bottle for a short time preserving it’s most unusual characteristics – Meditative!

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